Trendiest Trousers this Fall

Leather is again one of the chicest trends of the new season.It’s one of those trends that we can never get enough for. It’s all about finding a great pair to fit your body and  match them with certain tops and shoes.
Even though this season there are slouchy leather trouser for me skinny ones works best forthis type of trousers.The best thing is that goes with almost everything…like oversized sweaters,jumpers, slouchy tops,blouses, boyfriend tees & shirts,heels,flats,boots,sneakers… long gone are the days when this trouser style was a bikers-only and rock-chick staple.We’ve made it sporty-rock-office-casual-evening appropriate.
Wear it with oversize jumpers

Wear it with white shirt

Wear it with oversized blazer

Wear it with plaid and chambray shirts

When it comes to shoes I think any style will work

Stilletos will make it more sexy

Ballet flats will make it more sofisticated

Chunky Heels for more rock-chick,dramatic look

Or with Converse for more casual combination

The DON’T RULES when it comes to leather trouser is to avoid making them overal sexy.Leather trousers are a statement all on their own.Don’t wear them with your leather jacket if you don’t want to look like member of a motorcycle gang

 3 ways I like to wear them for day,night and casual


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