Croatian fashion week for the current season FW 14/15 took place at Zagrebacki Velesajam from 15th to 18th October.There were 20 different designers but I went there for the first time to see my favourites Robert Sever,Aleksandra Dojcinovic,Elfs and eNVy Room.

Grand opening of the show belonged to Aleksandra Dojcinovic and her brand Lei Lou. Her design is really popular among women in Croatia.For the current season designer brings a dose of retro style as best we could see in details. Colours are  white,light blue,light green with powdery shades and lilac.

IMG_9704-635489595751373436_574_1020 IMG_9733-635489596589341849_574_1020 IMG_9635-635489593688248252_574_1020 IMG_9589-635489592188404571_574_1020IMG_9584-635489591977935594_574_1020 IMG_9647-635489593981373091_574_1020

For the first time this year fashion duo Ivan Tandaric and Aleksandar Sekuljica,known as ELFS presented their collection on Perwoll The first part of the collection refers to consumerist spirit of todays world so they showed us casual pieces. Second part was all about their distinctive narrow and short dress.Also for those more demanding,this year ELFS presented some new cuts with touch of elegance and luxury.

IMG_0004 IMG_0029 IMG_0068 IMG_9882 IMG_9937 IMG_9966

The last day of two of my favourite designers presented their collections Robert Sever and eNVy Room.

Final evening started with Robert Sever collection,signed by Robert Sever and Branko Basletic. they really know how to impress audience- selecting metallic materials in bright colours and creating dresses,women favourite piece of clothing.They completed collection with statement accessories and their distinctive sunglasses


Fifth evening of was closed by eNVy room with their romantic collection of evening and wedding dresses,coats,jackets and transparent romantic blouses

1620500_876855615658699_4355474599658290950_n 1901736_876855748992019_135917749793401792_n 10354883_876855352325392_2778119578495788068_n 10678702_876855455658715_4485807174280646038_n 10689936_876855638992030_7333870460410033038_n 10711067_876854798992114_521072547167567097_n


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