Inspiration- New years Eve

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Sources Pinterest,Tumblr


Stylish Books



I read a lot! All kinds of books! But my favourite are fashion books

Here are some of must have books on every fashionista coffee table



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Chanel: Collection and Creations  here

Elie Saab(Large Format) by Janie Samet here

The World According to Karl The Wit and Wisdom of Karl Lagerfeld here

Kate Moss by Mario Testing here

Unseen Vogue: The secret History of Fashion Photography here

In Vogue: An illustrated History of the World’s Most Famous Fashion magazine her

Christian Louboutin here

Tom Ford: Ten Years here

Alexander McQueen here

The Style Strategy , Lookbook and Little Black book of Fashion by Nina Garcia here, here and here

The Teen Vogue Handbook here

Style A to Zoe by Rachel Zoe here

The Fashion Book here

How to prepare for a career in fashion here

Art and Fashion here

Shop your closet here

Oscar de la Renta here

Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior here

December Style Must Haves

In a last few weeks I found so much fashion inspiration from Instagram,Pinterest,favourit fashion blogs or even from streets.When you live in London inspiration is everywhere.Since we are in festive month everything is about drees-up.So here are some style ideas that are inspiring me right now.

Satchel Bag 
This bag is absolute must have.Looks good with everything and it’s something between your daytime tote bag and evening purse but you still can wear it in every occasion

On picture: River Island Black Satchel Bag

Pom Pom

I keep noticing pom pom details everywhere but especially on beanies

Winter Whites

Those days when white clothes were big no-no after august are finally finished. Now white looks good not just like a coat or shoes,you can look great even if you ear it from top to toe

 Fuzzy Sweaters

December is just perfect time to pull out fuzzy sweaters.Warning to those who have pets,they
might want pet you now

Faux Fur/Borg Coats

I’m really attracted to those snugly little coats mainly because during the winter
I’m always cold and they feel so cozy and warm












Add little sparkle

I love to pair sequin wuth casual pieces of clothes like ripped jeans or denim shirt.Even if you never wear sequin now i sthe right time to digg up some pieces from your closet

















This season is all about backs. All zippers and buttons were just moved there.In my oppinion backs are the most seductiv part of womens body anyway
















Oversized/turtleneck jumpers

For those who arre always feeling cold.They look best if you pair them with skinny jeans
















Get snuggly

In the beginning of autumn I bought one big cardigan and now finally I have opportuniti to wear it.Just wrap yourself in comfortable knits