Elie Saab

This Lebanese designer is my favourite simply because no one does feminine fashion so breathtaking as Elie Saab. Couture or ready to wear,spring or fall collection they are all stunning.

But how it all began…

He began to make dresses when he was 9 years old,for his 2 sisters.He lived at the coast but when Lebanese Civil War started his town was destroyed so they moved to Beirut. There wasn’t fashion industry at the time but he decided to start making dresses and selling them to  neighbours to support his family.I did’t take long and he was making two dresses a day. By 1982 he saved enough money to open his first couture house and stage his first show in Beirut. After that his reputation and design crossed the border .Women around the world wanted to have beautiful dresses by Elie Saab. His big success was when Queen Rania of Jordan wore his dress for the coronation and his breakthrough to Hollywood happened on 2002 Academy Awards  when Halle Barry won the Oscar in his dress.  He soon opened a shop in Paris but his heart and source of inspiration remain in Beirut.

Just like today’s new collection Spring\Summer 2015 Couture which was inspired by his childhood in Beirut. And as usual there are lots of sequins,feathers,flowers and silk but  themost standout pieces are short dresses with flats

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White coat

It might be dark and depressing January but now it’s the best time to brighten your day with this symbol of eternal elegance.

Although white coat might  seems as impractical and difficult to maintain with little care it will become your favourite piece of clothes. There is something so good in well cut white coat that gives every combination extra dose of elegance. Especially simple clean line coat that will fit great with business and evening outfits but also with casual jeans

The safest way to wear it is to combine it with neutral tones ,black and white and those more brave will try it to in colour-block combination .

Maybe you noticed that this winter is all about white but if you are not brave enough to go out on snow or rain wearing top to toe white,white coat

beli kaput aputi za jesen zimu 2014 white coat fall 2014 beli kaput aputi za jesen zimu 2014 white coat fall 2014-2


Spring 2015 Trends

Even though in this moment you probably think there is no hope the spring will ever come but actually it’s pretty close so I decided to present you what we are going to wear when it gets warmer.


The seventies are certainly the most important trend for spring 2015.That trend it already here but we can expect real boom in the next few weeks.As the ’70s are very broad term you can choose those things that are good for you.

Bright colours,colourful prints,wide leg trousers,turtlenecks,hippy elements…



World’s famous trendsetters were already wearing this trend in the last few seasons but this spring it arrives in full bloom. Literally! ultra romantic,flowing maxi skirts and dresses,floral pattern,transparent blouses,hats and crochet tops is why I’m looking forward to this spring



It’s been a long time since denim entered through high-fashion doors and it seems that there is no intention to leave.

Thanks to the different ways of processing denim clothing pieces became unique. There is not much to say about it,you already now everything.Washed out,dark,boyfriend…just choose what you like and wear it 🙂



If you are not fan of feminine silhouettes and romantic dresses there is no fear.As great opposition for Spring 2015 appears androgynous style. Female trends inspired by men’s clothes are not something new but now they are more elegant and sophisticated. Cigarette trousers and blazers are absolute hit for this Spring


Friday favourites

Favourite Paradise

If your dream holiday includes nature, peace and quiet tree house in Buckhead  in Atlanta could be the perfect place for you. For £240 per night you can rent beautiful treehouse for two that offers everything you need for a perfect holiday.

It consist of two small houses( living room and bedroom) which are connected by bridge and there is large terrace made of solid wood from where you can have wonderful view of 150-year old forest



Favourite Art

When it comes to decorating I can’t control myself and I’ve spend a lot of time trying to find perfect pictures for my wall…something simple but something fashionable,something that will describe me..So I’ve found amazing site MADE BY GIRL. Behind this site is  Jen Ramos,graphic designer from New York and her pictures are oh so lovely! And not just pictures.She’s making phone cases,t shirts,frames,journals…


Favourite Macaroons

I discovered this place year ago,as soon as I came to London when I was trying to find the best macaroons. Paul is a chain of bakeries  so you can find it everywhere. Macaroons are just perfect,the best I ever tried and I tried lots of them. But it’s not just macaroons that amuses me there-it’s everything.From bread,pastry,cakes and…And Paul’s hot chocolate that can give you a heart attack. Forget all the other hot chocolate that they are selling you in London! This one is the real deal-thick and rich,real melted chocolate.

5255442928_e40b5f9fa8_z DSC_0009

Favourite Outfit

This winter I’m really in love with fluffy coats  but I only could find white,cream or black ones.This grey one is very refreshing and I must say,my favourite. You can pair grey with absolutely everything.This is the perfect choice if you think that white one will get dirty pretty fast or that black one is boring…


Favourite Hair

Blogger Barefoot Blonde has the best hair tutorials. Her braids are just perfect,and her hair amazing. This is definitely something worth of trying


Above The Knee Boots

Due to the invasion of trends rules are changing almost on a daily basis and who can be better in telling as what is currently on than famous ladies. Above the knee boots are not exactly fresh idea but they are continually returning in the last few seasons so almost all of the world’s fashion labels presented their interpretation of the same.It seams that most popular ones are those that are reaching to the thighs and giving the impression of tight leather trousers over which you can wear only a light dress or they can bi combined with simple skinny jeans.

Whatever you choose varnished,mat,plush,heeled or flat ones the dose of sex appeal is definitely guaranteed.

Miu Miu  : Outside Arrivals  - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Miroslava Duma


 Miranda Kerr

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley goes to dinner at Craig's restaurant in West Hollywood, CA

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The Cinema Society With Montblanc And Dom Perignon Host A Screening Of Sony Pictures Classics' "Still Alice" - After Party

Kate Bosworth

Olivia Palermo going to a photo shoot

Olivia Palermo

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday everyone!

Finally my day off after couple crazy and busy weeks.So here are five of my favourite things I discovered…

1. Favourite escape

Pink Lake(Rebta) in Senegal 

It’s the most girly lake in Africa.Hello Kitty and Barbie would all love it here.But why is it pink?A high salt content from the nearby Atlantic Ocean and the reaction of bacteria with fresh water causes the vivid colour.The other cool thing about this magical lake: the salt allows you to float to the surface.without any effort


2.Favourite Coffee Place

Drink Shop and Do

Drink, Shop & Do is a cute vintage-style tea room in the King’s Cross area of London where you can have cocktails, coffee or tea (Drink), browse the teacups, jewellry and sweets in the shop or even buy the furniture and crockery in the cafe itself (Shop) and play retro board games (Do).




3.Favourite trend


In the las few days I was seeing lots of tartan everywhere and I really like it


4. Favourite Nail Polish

Barry M

This is the best discovery when it comes to nail-polishes. They are good quality,long lasting with wide range of colour.You can choose from glitter,sequins,silk,belly to matte…Decision was difficult but I chose these beauties…for now 🙂


5.Favourite Buy

Yes,I was visiting sales and end up buying things not on sale.As usual! So I can’t really choose one thing so here it is


Shirt H&M: Book “In Fashion” Amazon; Nail-polish Barry M Boots;

Don’t Forget Your Jacket


Earnings were always my favourite accessories.There is something in them that can pull out even the most plain outfit.This year there is a new trend called Ear jackets. Maybe you’ve heard of them, maybe you haven’t but basically they are accessory that is attached to the back of your earring and dangles below your earlobe.So from now on back of your earning does have one more purpose aside from holding your stud in place.

There are some trends that I don’t really care about it,even if  I can see them in every magazine and every girl but I’m obsessed with this one.They are adding cool edgy touch to every outfit.No matter what your personal style looks alike this eye-catching statement is perfect you.

They are coming in different shapes,from spikes to tusks and I have gathered up my favourites I shared with you bellow

    1. Jacquie Aiche   Love Ear Jacket




2. Shay Accessories   Encrusted Ear Jacket 


3. Jacquie Aiche  Heriker Crystal Stud Jacket                    


4.  Elizabeth and James     Astral 


5. Jacquie Aiche  Bar Stud and Starburst


And new one in my collection

6. Asos  Mini Stars                                       7. ASOS  Moon Star

image1xxl           image1xxl2





My 2014 Review

I’m not into New years eve thing so instead of recapping last nights outfits,fireworks and drinks and ways have to survive hangover I decide to do a quick review about my last year.I’m going to focus on highlights and all the bad thing I’m going to leave behind .

So here we go…

My biggest achievement of 2014: First of all moving from Croatia to London was the biggest step I’ve ever made. Leaving is hard and beginning in foreign country is scary especially when you have to leave all your friends and family behind but i menage to do it and this month it will be one year since I moved in.And feeling is great.It’s completely different world but I feel like I belong here. Second achievement is starting this blog.I was planning for a long time to start something and then life in London just pushed me into this

image4 10853592_10152654868418971_510222586_o

Favourite movie of 2014: Gone Girl,definitely. Before movie was out I’ve read the book.And book was so good that I had to buy all the other books from that writer. Even though I knew what’s going to happen in the movie I just needed to see it. Usually book is always better than movie.But this time they got it right.Everything was exactly the same


Favourite book of 2014: This will be hard to choose because I’m really big fan of reading and this year I discovered some new writers and some old writers but new for me…But I think book called In Fashion from Annemarie Iverson,former beauty and fashion news director of Harper’s Bazaarand editor in chief of Seventeen. She has really good advises from the inside,how to get noticed in fashion world

Favourite Style Icon of 2014: I was thinking about all those well-known and well dressed celebrities like Olivia Palermo or newbie Kendall Jenner but in my opinion last year was really good for Blake Lively.Her style was impeccable from the start and when she announced this October that she’s expecting her first child with Ryan Reynolds,she started to heating up streets and red carpet every time she showed up.From gorgeous gowns to leather leggings,she simply can’t be more stunning.And by the way she launch her own company Preserve

Blake-Lively-Vogue-19May14-PA_b_592x888 Blake-Lively-Vogue-15May14-rex_b_592x888blake-lively-vogue-6may14-pa_b_592x888Blake-Lively-Vogue-8May14-Rex_b_592x888Blake-Lively-Vogue-9Dec14-PA_b_592x888 blake-lively-ryan-reynolds-vogue-21oct14-rex_b_592x888 blake-lively-2-vogue-20oct14-getty_b_592x888 Blake-Liveley-Vogue-15Dec14-Rex-b_592x888

Favourite Designer of 2014: Here I can’t pick just one.Sorry I’m really bad in narrowing things down 🙂  So there is three designers Tommy Hilfiger,Diane von Furstenberg and Elie Saab

diane von furstenberg ss14 eliee tommy hilfiger ss14

Favourite Blogger of 2014: Kayture.com just because I realised I’ve spend more time reading her blog than all the others.Good new is  she’s going to publish a book soon 🙂


Favourite buy of 2014: Definitely my pink skirt from River Island


Favourite Trend of 2014: Pastels for winter! After years and years of waiting is finally here.Even on my nails!


Favourite advice in 2014: Never stop following your dreams.Simple as that.I met such a inspirational person and basically after that I started this blog


What I learned in 2014: I realised I CAN! Whole my life people where saying to me that I  can’t do something,I can’t have dreams,this is not fairy tail ,I can’t do what I love,I have to do something that will pay my bills,like boring job in office,and I will feel miserable at the end of day like other normal people.And the worst thing was: Stop dreaming about life in London,New York or Paris,how could you even  get there! Well I’m here! Doing what i want…almost.There are still some plans for future…But I proved to them and, the most important thing, to my self that I can.

 I hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve / Day and get to spend it with those you love. At the end of the day, that is really all that matters