Don’t Forget Your Jacket


Earnings were always my favourite accessories.There is something in them that can pull out even the most plain outfit.This year there is a new trend called Ear jackets. Maybe you’ve heard of them, maybe you haven’t but basically they are accessory that is attached to the back of your earring and dangles below your earlobe.So from now on back of your earning does have one more purpose aside from holding your stud in place.

There are some trends that I don’t really care about it,even if  I can see them in every magazine and every girl but I’m obsessed with this one.They are adding cool edgy touch to every outfit.No matter what your personal style looks alike this eye-catching statement is perfect you.

They are coming in different shapes,from spikes to tusks and I have gathered up my favourites I shared with you bellow

    1. Jacquie Aiche   Love Ear Jacket




2. Shay Accessories   Encrusted Ear Jacket 


3. Jacquie Aiche  Heriker Crystal Stud Jacket                    


4.  Elizabeth and James     Astral 


5. Jacquie Aiche  Bar Stud and Starburst


And new one in my collection

6. Asos  Mini Stars                                       7. ASOS  Moon Star

image1xxl           image1xxl2






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