Spring 2015 Trends

Even though in this moment you probably think there is no hope the spring will ever come but actually it’s pretty close so I decided to present you what we are going to wear when it gets warmer.


The seventies are certainly the most important trend for spring 2015.That trend it already here but we can expect real boom in the next few weeks.As the ’70s are very broad term you can choose those things that are good for you.

Bright colours,colourful prints,wide leg trousers,turtlenecks,hippy elements…



World’s famous trendsetters were already wearing this trend in the last few seasons but this spring it arrives in full bloom. Literally! ultra romantic,flowing maxi skirts and dresses,floral pattern,transparent blouses,hats and crochet tops is why I’m looking forward to this spring



It’s been a long time since denim entered through high-fashion doors and it seems that there is no intention to leave.

Thanks to the different ways of processing denim clothing pieces became unique. There is not much to say about it,you already now everything.Washed out,dark,boyfriend…just choose what you like and wear it 🙂



If you are not fan of feminine silhouettes and romantic dresses there is no fear.As great opposition for Spring 2015 appears androgynous style. Female trends inspired by men’s clothes are not something new but now they are more elegant and sophisticated. Cigarette trousers and blazers are absolute hit for this Spring



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