Elie Saab

This Lebanese designer is my favourite simply because no one does feminine fashion so breathtaking as Elie Saab. Couture or ready to wear,spring or fall collection they are all stunning.

But how it all began…

He began to make dresses when he was 9 years old,for his 2 sisters.He lived at the coast but when Lebanese Civil War started his town was destroyed so they moved to Beirut. There wasn’t fashion industry at the time but he decided to start making dresses and selling them to  neighbours to support his family.I did’t take long and he was making two dresses a day. By 1982 he saved enough money to open his first couture house and stage his first show in Beirut. After that his reputation and design crossed the border .Women around the world wanted to have beautiful dresses by Elie Saab. His big success was when Queen Rania of Jordan wore his dress for the coronation and his breakthrough to Hollywood happened on 2002 Academy Awards  when Halle Barry won the Oscar in his dress.  He soon opened a shop in Paris but his heart and source of inspiration remain in Beirut.

Just like today’s new collection Spring\Summer 2015 Couture which was inspired by his childhood in Beirut. And as usual there are lots of sequins,feathers,flowers and silk but  themost standout pieces are short dresses with flats

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