Friday Favourites

Favourite Crepes

Kensington Creperie

I know about this place for a long time but I never got in. Last week I couldn’t stop thinking about crepes so I decided to go on Saturday night, 10pm 😀 I know that I had bad habit of eating sugar late night. Obviously they have crepes but they have waffles and sundaes and everything is so delicious .And they’re serving breakfast and brunches


Favourite Trend

Suede Skirt


Thanks to the Chloe I’m obsessed with  embroidered blouses and  suede.I already found perfect blouse but now I’m looking for perfect suede A-line mini skirt. Here are some of the best skirts I’ve found on high street. I’m more into brow/tan skirts but you can find it in almost every colour.

Suede Skirt

Clockwise :

Suede Popper Skirt-Miss Selfridge                 Burgundy Suede Skirt- H&M

Suede Mini Skirt-Zara                                       Natural Suede Skirt- Mango

Green Suede Skirt- H&M

Favourite Croatian Designer

Envy Room

They are my favourite Croatian brand.Their dresses are like from heaven and last week they had first solo show at Croatian fashion week. First series of outfits are inspired by old Hollywood in black and white colour-midi full skirts and pencil skirts.In second series we could see something completely different,models in purple-green dresses,inspired by the works of the French artist Françoise Nielly. Last part showed us the real eNVy Room- long white and black dresses,deep V necklines,lace and embroidery


Favourite Web site

My Little Box

My Little Box is  beautifully designed box of fashion, beauty and lifestyle surprises. So thing is,you pay £15 per month and nice people will send you box full off goodies. Inside every box is Must-have beauty products (including one from their own  beauty range) ,fashion and lifestyle accessories,their magazine (My Little World) ,illustrated goodies by Kanako and other things…You never know what you will get,it’s always surprise

Here is the box from February

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Your box you can order here 

Favourite Accessories


I don’t wear rings usually…Actually I’m buying rings all the time but they end up somewhere,who knows where…just not on my fingers.

But now I’m totally obsessed with rings because they are so pretty this season . In every high street store you can find stacks of rings in different sizes.I love mid finger rings


 Source: VivaLuxury Style Blog


Chiara’s Home

mainoriginal-4_840_472 I’m sure everyone knows Chiara,girl from Milan,currently living her dreams in L.A.She’s running popular fashion blog Blonde Salad and successful shoe business,she’s sitting in the font row of every important fashion week show,shooting the covers for famous fashion magazines and she’s on Forbes 30 under 30 list…Her taste is amazing so it wasn’t surprise to see that her new home in L.A. looks impeccable.With her busy schedule she hired interior designers to create fashionable home for her.Since I have interest in interior decorating I have found some great ideas Have a peak inside her charming home… mainoriginal_840_472 mainoriginal-1_840_472 mainoriginal-2_840_472 mainoriginal-6_840_472 mainoriginal-7_840_472 mainoriginal-8_840_472 mainoriginal-9_840_472 mainoriginal-10_840_472 mainoriginal-11_840_472 mainoriginal-12_840_472 mainoriginal-13_840_472 mainoriginal-14_840_472 mainoriginal-15_840_472 mainoriginal-17_840_472

Disney’s Cinderella in Beauty and Fashion


MAC Cosmetics launched a limited-edition collection called MAC Cinderella on March 5. This line includes an eyeshadow palette, eye gloss, nail polish, lipsticks, lip gloss, and beauty powder.It’s the dreamiest,sparkliest,girliest collection ever.    The products are specially packaged in baby blue that’s reminiscent of Cinderella’s gown.
Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 21.06.49.png

Check out all the products

mac-cinderella-fluidline-macroviolet mac-cinderella-fluidline-little-black-bow            mac-cinderella-studio-eye-gloss-pearl-varnish mac-cinderella-studio-eye-gloss-lightly-tauped   mac-cinderella-lipglass-happily-ever-after mac-cinderella-lipstick-royal-ball mac-cinderella-lipglass-glass-slippermac-cinderella-lipstick-free-as-a-butterfly   mac-cinderella-beauty-powder-mystery-princess mac-cinderella-studio-fix-lash mac-cinderella-pigment-pretty-it-up mac-cinderella-pigment-evil-stepmother mac-cinderella-glitter-reflects-pearl mac-cinderella-iridescent-pressed-powder-coupe-d-chicmac-cinderella-217-blending-brushmac-cinderella-168-large-angled-contour-brush

Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s

Lauren Conrad has Cinderella inspired collection for Kohl’s. The whole collection is dreamy and romantic with teacups hanging from the trees, bows,birds,flowers, tulles which I really like. Also the glass slipper sweater is cute

c451956 c451954

Friday favourites

Favourite Indian Food

Dishoom-Bombay-style Cafe

Just to warn you,if you decide to have a dinner here on Saturday evening prepare  to queue about an hour or so but when you finally get in you’ll think that you are in India. Interior faithfully presents real Indian restaurants and food is delicious. Actually this was the first time  I’ve tried Indian food…(I know shame on me) so I was impressed how delicious it is,all those spices and flavours…yummy.I will be back here for sure

DIshoom_Hero dishoom Favourite Trend


The fact is I love stripes! Not just now-always.Navy and white are my favourite.So I’m so happy that stripes are in every high-street store this season. Navy and white shirts are good with everything but my favourite way to wear it is with jeans and touch of red like shoes,nails and lips 🙂 1955d48b51b0bcdc2539cc32df08c470 05a60409ed4fac7badccf19890ca7776 9312777c8050837aa1152e3aa2f6209a

Favourite Look

Boho Chic inspiration by Song of Style. My favourite trend and one of my favourite bloggers Aimee Song 🙂


Favourite Bag Chloe Drew Since I saw this bag I became obsessed. I think I need one in every colour and size 😀

10706632_375403239274368_467063648_n Favourite Beauty

Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick

I absolutely love these lipsticks and for the price they are amazing. Kate’s collaboration with Rimmel London started in 2001. In 2011 Kate created and launched Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick range.Since then there were 3 collection Lasting Finish Matte,Lasting Finish and Kate Spring Lipstick Collection.   I bought 110 Vibrant Coral from Matte range and No 20 from Spring Collection


Friday Favourites

Favourite chocolate

Last Saturday night,raining,cold,10pm,me and my boyfriend were trying to find cake shop in London 🙂 And then we found the happiest place in the city! SAID .

It’s Rome chocolate shop on Broadwick Street in the heart of Soho. First thing I notice are big jars of chocolate all around us, decorations on the walls are shiny metal chocolate moulds,and two comfy chairs just next to the fireplace! We ordered Tiramisu and Cheesecake but they kept bringing us pieces of chocolate from all around the world to try like himalayan,cuban…They are selling chocolates,chocolate spreads,thick creamy hot chocolate but also strawberries are available for dipping into chocolate sauce and freshly baked cakes, biscuits and pastries …

It’s truly amazing shop 🙂

IMG_4193 11026688_10153031245818971_1898633837_n img_3414 IMG_4191

Favourite Runaway

This time I couldn’t choose one designer simply because there are too many so I decided to choose one outfit  of each of my favourite designers.I already wrote  about PFW and I can say that I enjoyed watching almost every show,so many amazing designers and outfits and accessories…

00160h_426x639 hm28_426x639

Elie Saab                                            H&M

00010h_426x639h MARC0103_426x639_1

Isabel Marant                                           Chloe 

 Favourite Buy

Last week I bought few things that I haven’t really planned to buy,sooo as usual 🙂 I’m really into boho this spring so I bought suede boots and  airy weave blouse with crochet details and smocking


Skirt Stradivarius  Top H&M Earrings TopShop Necklace H&M Boots Superdry

Favourite Outfit

In my opinion  the best dressed in last week was Olivia Palermo.She just ruled Paris Fashion Week.Every combination was great. But one more outfit stand out.It’s Chiara again and her Valentino dress for Valentino show in Paris.



Favourite Hair

Since I’ve moved to London I have major problems with my hair. Maybe it’s crazy wind that blows all the time,maybe water but my hair is tangled all the time.I have a lots of fine hair and it’s very hard to do any hair style,wavy hair was just a dream.Messy,knotty hair was only possibility. So after a long time,lots of hair products and found the right thing. TRESemmė and Tony&Guy. TRESemme has really good range of great products for every hair but I found the ones that will untangle my hair    Renewal Hair and Scalp Shampoo.There are also Deep Conditioning Masque and Tonic. And finally I’ve found the hair straightener which can help me to make wavy hair too and waves stay-TRESemmė Keratin Smooth Hair straightener.

For more volume for my heavy hair I’m using Tony & Guy 3D Volumiser and for beach inspired look Tony & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray 


Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015

Paris fashion week is finished. Long expected because it’s the last one in the craziest fashion month but also because the most respected designers are showing their collection there.Here are my favourites


My first thought after this show was that I want to wear Chloe and run through fields of flowers 🙂

MARC0215_426x639_1 MARC0385_426x639_1 MARC0263_426x639_1 MARC0199_426x639_1 MARC0625_426x639_1 MARC0543_426x639_1 MARC0441_426x639_1 MARC0103_426x639_1 MARC0087_426x639_1

Isabel Marant

00010h_426x639h 00040h_426x639hh 00050h_426x639l 00070h_426x639k 00150h_426x639 00320h_426x639b


hm02_426x639 hm05_426x639 hm18_426x639 hm25_426x639 hm28_426x639 hm32_426x639 hm34_426x639 hm38_426x639 hm42_426x639

Elie Saab

There is nothing bad I could ever say about this man.Pure perfection! Even though he exchanged fairy tail romance with something darker,mainly black pieces,his dresses are still magical and pretty

00120h_426x639 00150h_426x639cc 00160h_426x639 00180h_426x639 00230h_426x639 00250h_426x639 00270h_426x639 00300h_426x639g 00390h_426x639 00430h_426x639d 00450h_426x639 00480h_426x639 00530h_426x639h 00540h_426x639ff 00570h_426x639z

John Galliano

00090h_426x639vv 00150h_426x639bb 00170h_426x639 00260h_426x639 00350h_426x639nn 00370h_426x639


After this show everyone were talking about appearance of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson on the runaway.closing the brand’s FW15 show in the most surprising way. But before that,let say something about collection. 84-pieces collection started with  black and white checkerboard prints but lace dresses were the one that stole the show.

Stand out look was Zoolander one of course 🙂

b 00730h_426x639 00290h_426x639vv 00490h_426x639cc 00550h_426x639 00560h_426x639 00570h_426x639g 00620h_426x639 00220h_426x639 00160h_426x639mm 00120h_426x639v 00750h_426x639

050-valentino-387x58000840h_426x639 00830h_426x639

Louise Vuitton

00010h_426x639 er 00040h_426x639hp 00190h_426x639 00230h_426x639bb 00270h_426x639j 00360h_426x639ii 00380h_426x639tt 00480h_426x639uu 00130h_426x639

Miu Miu

00100h_426x639 00110h_426x639ii 00170h_426x639tt 00290h_426x639yy 00320h_426x639tt 00340h_426x639oo 00370h_426x639pp00090h_426x639pp 00150h_426x639oo

70s and Boho Chic

I’m so happy that my favourite fashion era is back.The 70s!! I’m especially  looking forward to boho style. Main things you should own is suede.First thing you think are boots but this spring it’s not just boots,it can be jackets,skirts or trousers…other things I love about 70s is colour,fringe,white crochet and lace,denim and flowers.

For buying new things I found inspiration in Chloe,Cavalli,Emilio Pucci and Etro collection for spring/summer 2015. Chloe has everything I like,white blouses,mini and maxi skirts,navy and white but also bright colours like yellow,orange and mint and my absolute favourite piece of clothes for this season-denim dress.From Pucci collection I adore crochet dresses embroidered with flowers,Cavalli’s white lace with splashes of denim and Etro’s Native American inspired dresses.


Emilio Pucci






 Roberto Cavalli 

On high street I think Miss Selfridge has amazing boho/70s collection. Something is already in store but something is coming soon.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 21.11.19.png Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 21.11.38.png