Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015

Milano Fashion Week is THE WEEK!  Every  year more than 40  designers are showing their newest collection and every single one of them is amazing.It was really hard to narrow things down because I could choose my favourites for days and this post would be way too long…so here are my favourite moments and outfits from this years Milan Fashion Week

Max Mara

_A2X0185 _A2X0218 _A2X0396 _A2X0405 _A2X0542 _A2X0634


FEN_0039 FEN_0199 FEN_0245 FEN_0383 FEN_0773 FEN_0871


Prada went passed for Fall 2015.Miuccia Prada said she thought about what women like: colours,bows,decoration and she composed this with retro shapes.Prada opened with Sixties shapes she’s worked before, but now in techy foam, mixing girly and acid colors to quirky effect .

_MON0019 _MON0073 _MON0123 _MON0275 _MON0317 _MON0642


After McDonalds,Barbie,Sponge Bob Jeremy Scott presented us collection inspired by Looney Tune.First part was all about bright colours and cartoon,second part was patched denim and lots of gold accessories and at the end we could see gowns inspired by graffiti

MOS_0079 MOS_0203 MOS_0251 MOS_0357 MOS_0519 MOS_0547 MOS_0571 MOS_0805 MOS_1019


Bluemarine use to be girly and romantic but this season is sexy but delicate with lots of roses.

KIM_0049 KIM_0073 KIM_0208 KIM_0232 KIM_0253 KIM_0362 KIM_0487 KIM_0518 KIM_0602


The special thing about this collection is that Donatella was using digital symbolism: hashtags, @ signs, emojis, emoticons….Vivid primary colors drew attention to circles on the backs  of dresses, and dresses sequined with colorful hashtags and emojis were fun.

00090h_426x639 00200h_426x639 00290h_426x639 00300h_426x639 00310h_426x639 00430h_426x639c 00500h_426x639 00510h_426x639 00280h_426x639v


Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana collection Viva la Mamma was all about a celebration of motherhood, dedicated to mothers of the world.

00020h_426x639 00050h_426x639 00070h_426x639 00110h_426x639 00200h_426x639y 00300h_426x639b 00700h_426x639 00850h_426x639 v

Roberto Cavalli

If you like zebra,leopard and tiger prints,fringe and ombre dresses Cavalli is something you have to choose

00010h_426x639 00110h_426x639c 00140h_426x639 00250h_426x639 00270h_426x639 00350h_426x639 00490h_426x639q 00040h_426x639 00280h_426x639t

Emilio Pucci

This was Peter Dundas final collection for Emilio Pucci.His inspiration were Zodiac signs as we could see symbols for Aries, Libra, Sagittarius and Scorpio were embroidered in gold and scattered over velvet blazers,  capes and hot pants.

00140h_426x639j 00160h_426x639 00200h_426x639k 00310h_426x639m 00340h_426x639mm 00360h_426x639nn 00570h_426x639 00030h_426x639 00380h_426x639


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