70s and Boho Chic

I’m so happy that my favourite fashion era is back.The 70s!! I’m especially  looking forward to boho style. Main things you should own is suede.First thing you think are boots but this spring it’s not just boots,it can be jackets,skirts or trousers…other things I love about 70s is colour,fringe,white crochet and lace,denim and flowers.

For buying new things I found inspiration in Chloe,Cavalli,Emilio Pucci and Etro collection for spring/summer 2015. Chloe has everything I like,white blouses,mini and maxi skirts,navy and white but also bright colours like yellow,orange and mint and my absolute favourite piece of clothes for this season-denim dress.From Pucci collection I adore crochet dresses embroidered with flowers,Cavalli’s white lace with splashes of denim and Etro’s Native American inspired dresses.


Emilio Pucci






 Roberto Cavalli 

On high street I think Miss Selfridge has amazing boho/70s collection. Something is already in store but something is coming soon.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 21.11.19.png Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 21.11.38.png


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