Disney’s Cinderella in Beauty and Fashion


MAC Cosmetics launched a limited-edition collection called MAC Cinderella on March 5. This line includes an eyeshadow palette, eye gloss, nail polish, lipsticks, lip gloss, and beauty powder.It’s the dreamiest,sparkliest,girliest collection ever.    The products are specially packaged in baby blue that’s reminiscent of Cinderella’s gown.
Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 21.06.49.png

Check out all the products

mac-cinderella-fluidline-macroviolet mac-cinderella-fluidline-little-black-bow            mac-cinderella-studio-eye-gloss-pearl-varnish mac-cinderella-studio-eye-gloss-lightly-tauped   mac-cinderella-lipglass-happily-ever-after mac-cinderella-lipstick-royal-ball mac-cinderella-lipglass-glass-slippermac-cinderella-lipstick-free-as-a-butterfly   mac-cinderella-beauty-powder-mystery-princess mac-cinderella-studio-fix-lash mac-cinderella-pigment-pretty-it-up mac-cinderella-pigment-evil-stepmother mac-cinderella-glitter-reflects-pearl mac-cinderella-iridescent-pressed-powder-coupe-d-chicmac-cinderella-217-blending-brushmac-cinderella-168-large-angled-contour-brush

Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s

Lauren Conrad has Cinderella inspired collection for Kohl’s. The whole collection is dreamy and romantic with teacups hanging from the trees, bows,birds,flowers, tulles which I really like. Also the glass slipper sweater is cute

c451956 c451954


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