Chiara’s Home

mainoriginal-4_840_472 I’m sure everyone knows Chiara,girl from Milan,currently living her dreams in L.A.She’s running popular fashion blog Blonde Salad and successful shoe business,she’s sitting in the font row of every important fashion week show,shooting the covers for famous fashion magazines and she’s on Forbes 30 under 30 list…Her taste is amazing so it wasn’t surprise to see that her new home in L.A. looks impeccable.With her busy schedule she hired interior designers to create fashionable home for her.Since I have interest in interior decorating I have found some great ideas Have a peak inside her charming home… mainoriginal_840_472 mainoriginal-1_840_472 mainoriginal-2_840_472 mainoriginal-6_840_472 mainoriginal-7_840_472 mainoriginal-8_840_472 mainoriginal-9_840_472 mainoriginal-10_840_472 mainoriginal-11_840_472 mainoriginal-12_840_472 mainoriginal-13_840_472 mainoriginal-14_840_472 mainoriginal-15_840_472 mainoriginal-17_840_472


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