Who to Follow on Instagram

If you are into fashion you already know that you have to follow fashion bloggers,,because to be honest they have the best photos. But what about other accounts?

I’ve found some great account from girls that are not in the blogging world but their profiles are amazing and definitely worth of following

Here are 10 stars to follow

Jessica Alba

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 14.49.05.png Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 14.48.49.png


Followers: 4,9m

Number of posts: 2 107

Likes to Share…moments from her everyday life(even photo of her broken pinky toe), friends,family,beach ,food and make up

Miranda Kerr

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 15.21.41.png Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 15.21.23.png


Followers: 5.9m

Number of posts: 1 335

Likes to Share…selfies,her latest photoshoots,flowers,inspirational messages and dreamy scenery

Shay Mitchell 

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 15.31.08.png Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 15.29.10.png


Followers: 6.1m

Number of Posts: 2 863

Likes to Share…basically everything from things related to her tv show Pretty little liars and her trips to exotic parts of the world to outfits ,beautiful indoors and outdoors, food, inspirational messages…Shay has great eye for details so everything she posts on Instagram is amazing

Meghan Markle

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 17.39.40.png Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 17.38.58.png


Followers: 446k

Number of Posts: 1 128

Likes to Share…The Suit star likes to post travel snaps,artfully arranged breakfast ,her lovely dog Bogart  and occasionally outfit shots

Nicola Peltz

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 19.04.20.png Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 19.03.26.png


Followers: 242k

Number of Posts: 992

Likes to Share… all kinds of desserts,truly amazing selfies and pics of her and her friends in all kinds of locations,mostly near water

Sarah Jessica Parker

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 18.03.20.png Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 17.56.09.png


Followers: 1.3m

Number of Posts: 357

Likes to Share…lots of heels,food and nice views, just what Carrie would post 🙂

Poppy Delevinge

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 18.26.44.png Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 18.13.37.png


Followers: 775k

Number of Posts: 1 470

Likes to Share…snaps of her stylish outfits,Tom Ford lipsticks,all kinds of accessories and lazy holidays on the sea sides

Reese Witherspoon

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 18.26.13.png Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 18.25.44.png


Followers: 2.4m

Number of Posts: 677

Likes to Share… photos of her life,make up,matchy – matchy  outfits and funny shaped breakfast for her toddlers

Lupita Nyong’o

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 18.35.56.png Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 18.35.18.png


Followers: 1.6m

Number of Posts: 358

Likes to Share…her amazing outfits,flowers and fan-style snaps with other celebrities ( Beyonce,Cara, Obama…)

Gigi Hadid

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 18.49.11.png Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 18.48.56.png


Followers: 3m

Number of Posts: 1 883

Likes to Share… very good selfies,especially in the mirror or in bikini,pics with her boyfriend  Cody,parties with her friends,cute family throwback pictures,great outfits and runaway shows


How To Wear Flares


Like it or not 70s are here as you can see all around you.Fringes ,suede and denim are part of it but if you want to nail this trend with only one piece you should get flares. I know I know,I didn’t expect they will return either ,especially because  I burned all of them long time ago…but it really depends how you going to style them. For sure they are not for all types of bodies,and when you style them point is to look sleek and modern and not like Britney Spears all-denim look. If you trying to find inspiration how to wear them look to Victoria Beckham,Jessica Alba or Kate Moss Victoria-Beckham-Loves-Flared-Jeans kate moss 2 240909 jessica-alba-flared-jeans jessica-alba-bell-bottom-jeans First thing first,don’t wear flares if they are not touching floor!NEVER EVER! That’s not stylish,that looks like your trousers shrunk. So when you buying them take the shoes you are planning to wear with them. Don’t wear boots or pointy shoes or any kind of flat shoes! Just NO!  Instead choose platforms .They are big hit this season and also very 70s as well. 98322388ed06735bbfb7cf1bc31aeaeb 916ce936af4fc81a80fa085655f5a0d3 daa7507b5d55d7ee7a1feff59b3c8251 Whatever you choose, skinny fit or wide leg flare for top always choose simple fitted t shirt,shirt,knit or jacket.Nothing too loose. For me the best ones are in dark blue,black or white colour

72feb0696a71950f035415330d75fb24 51521254dd215244330639c7603ced97

And of course my favourite pairs from high street Flares Black Flared Jeans- H&M Mango White 70’s Flare Jeans – ASOS River Island 70’s Blue Flare Jean- ASOS The Low Bell Flared Jeans – Veryexclusive

Vogue Festival 2015


John Galliano, Kate Upton, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Louboutin, Bobbi Brown, Roksanda Ilincic and Vogue‘s Lucinda Chambers were just a few of the speakers on the busy schedule of Vogue Festival last weekend in London.


Partnering with Harrods,two days festival took place at two venues – Royal College of Art where you could see  talks, workshops, cover shoots, makeovers and of course Vogue gift shop and on second venue the Royal Geographic Society  that hosted masterclasses you got chance to meet fashion experts.



I got foyer ticket and I spend more then 3 hours having fun.  It was Vogue event so as expected everything was spectacular and very well organised from beauty corner where you had a chance to do your hair by Kérastase team and get advice from Bobbi Brown about make up to Vogue shop where you could buy fashion books ,Vogue T-shirts,cups…and get one year subscription on Vogue magazine for only £20.



Those who are into styling were trying to create a look from a rail of clothes at Vogue Speed Styling corner. Downstairs was nail and spa section where you could do your nails and face and have a Vogue vitamin check. For £10 they done my face and lips with Chanel make up and took picture of me with Chanel accessories for my own Vogue cover. Interesting  section was Vogue surgery where you could get advice about clothes and make up you own.


After so many thing I was tired so I stopped by to Harrods Cafe for chocolate cookie and latte but you could also find some healthy juices ,Harrods champagne and take picture with Harrods door man,post it on Instagram for a chance to win £3000 worth shopping in Harrods 🙂



I had a amazing afternoon,I would recommend to  every fashion lover to visit this festival next year.

TV Style Crush- Gossip Girl

Even though this show finished few years ago it’s still known as one of the stylish tv shows ever. For those who don’t know it’s basically high school drama about rich kids from Upper East Side . It Girl” Serena van der Woodsen, the “Queen Bee” Blair Waldorf, the “Bad Boy” Chuck Bass, the “Golden Boy” Nate Archibald and the “Lonely Boy” Dan Humphrey had kept me hooked for 6 years,mostly because incredible wardrobe of two main characters Blair and Serena . Totally different but totally I-want-all-of-it  closets. Even now,3 years after show is finished.

Serena’s style is my favourite.It is based on fashion icon Kate Moss so we were seeing lots of boho chic outfits. Her style actually reflects her personality- she’s a risk taker .

Main elements of her style are skinny jeans,well-fitting jackets,dresses,boho chic and 70’s inspired (maxi dresses,print) ,lots of sequins, beads and studs and great accessories . Her style was also little bit edgy -showing some skin in short sequin dress with leather jacket. But I think that her style was timeless. Everything we saw 4 or 5 years ago is still wearable or trendy





Her best friend Queen B, Blair Waldorf had completely different style,more classy and preppy. She always looked polished and ready to conquer the World like successful business woman. Key pieces in her closet were dresses and skirts,thighs ,bags,coats,hairbands  and hats. Main characteristic of her style  was bold pop of colour .



Blair and Serena were and stayed fashion icons but also everyone on that tv show had their own great style that will be missed

Friday Favourites

Favourite Pancakes

My Old Dutch

My Old Dutch offers a seriously impressive selection of pancakes. I’m more into sweet ones like strawberries, blueberries, cream,maple syrup,chocolate ,Nutella but it was I lunch  time so I opted for savoury one My old Dutch with bacon,chicken ,ham,sweetcorn,cheese,sweet pepper. Yes,you can get pancake with all those ingredients and even more 🙂 Pancake are huge and delicious but if you are not into pancakes they are serving breakfast, waffles,salads and ice cream

My Old Dutch is in Holborn, Kensington and Chelsea and on Monday pancakes are £5, there’s no excuse not to go



Favourite Look

Kate Bosworth 

Queen of this weeks outfits is definitely Blake like I was already writing here.

Promotion of The Age of Adeline is still on so we will have opportunity to enjoy in her impeccable taste.

So basically second best in my opinion was Kate Bosworth. She nailed the  70s trend. Until now I was little bit sceptical about dungaree trend but now I’m thinking about trying it


Favourite Buy

Denim dress

I was already writing about this here but I have to say that this dress is my favourite piece of clothes at the moment 🙂

IMG_4744 (1)

Favourite Hair

Beach Look

This is the most popular thing now,and it’s easy to make. You just need sea salt foam and curling iron. Or wash your hair night before,separate it in two section and twist each section tightly . That’s how I’m doing it anyway 🙂


Favourite Beauty

Benefit Do The Hoola Kit

It’s basically surviving kit for summer 2015. And it looks so cute.

It includes a Hoola bronzing powder and brush, a Hoola lipbalm, a mini They’re Real mascara, the amazing Dew The Hoola liquid bronzer  and Bene Balm

Buy here


Blake Lively and The Age Of Adeline


Since Serena and Gossip Girl I adore Blake Lively style. She’s endless source of inspiration and she always looks amazing. When she was pregnant she had probably the best ever seen expecting -mother-style .

Currently,the new mother,who gave birth to daughter James in December,is promoting her new movie The Age Of Adeline in New York and she keeps impressing with her outfit choices.

It’s already known that Blake Lively is some sort of superhuman when it comes to style. But no one knew that she can change her outfit between media appearances in lightning speed. She changed 9 outfits in less than 24 hours, 7 before noon!


First stop Good morning America in a plaid Marc Jacobs coat


On the show she switched to red plaid Marc Jacobs dress with leather top


She left the studio  looking like a superhero or flying attendant wearing Roksanda blue and yellow block dress


Her next stop Live! With Kelly and Michael and palm print jumpsuit( Preserve.com)


Leaving the studio in fuchsia Kristinit “Striped Wrap Dress” ( Preserve.com)


For  Sirius XM radio appearance she switched into something shorter


And then she went very monochrome . From head to toe in pastel pink.


 She saved the most dressy combination for evening . She arrived at The Tonight Show in navy dress with pearls 


She ended the day in bright colours with amazing Balmain dress

Of course here is the Monique Lhuillier gown from Sunday premier too


In ‘The Age of Adaline’, Blake Lively plays a woman who has not aged for nearly eight decades. While it may seem like everyone’s dream, her character, Adaline Bowman, lives a life on the run, not allowing anyone to get close to her. Movie looks promising,and Blake is stunning  in every decade

blake-lively-age-adaline-movie-poster-2015-02 blake-lively-age-adaline-movie-poster-2015-03 blake-lively-age-adaline-movie-poster-2015-04 blake-lively-age-adaline-movie-poster-2015-05 blake-lively-age-adaline-movie-poster-2015-06 blake-lively-age-adaline-movie-poster-2015-07 blake-lively-age-adaline-movie-poster-2015-08 blake-lively-age-adaline-movie-poster-2015-09

Tv Style Crush- Hart Of Dixie

Hart of Dixie

Created by Leila Gerstein,stars Rachel Bilson as Dr.Zoe Hart, New Yorker who, after her dreams of becoming a heart surgeon fall apart, accepts an offer to work as a GP in  Bluebell, Alabama. She replaced doctors uniform with shorts,mini skirts,modern blouses,blazer  and heels. Mostly she’s   using monochrome  with occasionally print or pop of colour




But Zoe’s style isn’t the only one I like on the show.There is a Lemon Breeland who is great example for ladylike dressing.She wears pastels and nudes,embroideries and lace,glitter and quirky prints and she’s paying lots of attention to accessories.



The show is wrapped up last week and I’ll definitely miss it,not just because of great story and relaxing atmosphere,but also because amazing style inspiration

Gingham Trend Alert


We all remember Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and her blue dress. Well believe it or not that dress is big trend this season!After plaid domination here comes Gingham style!I have to admit I like this one more because it’s more ladylike,reminds me of a sunny day and tea partys in the gardens 🙂 maybe it’s hard for you to imagine how would something that looks like grandma kitchen cloth could possible look good on you,designer managed to redesign it to look great. According to Diana von Furstenberg, Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta this is  pattern of the season.


I will choose gingham shirt or dress but for those little more braver there are blazers,trousers or bags

g10 g6


Here are my high street favourites


Trousers- Asos   Skirt- Urban Outfitters Shirt-Asos  Dress-Fred Perry Asos 

Little Denim Dress

IMG_4744 (1) IMG_4746 (1)

Denim dress is big hit this season and I wasn’t sure is this for me or not until I saw Alexa Chung for AG Jeans collection and Pixie Denim Shirt Dress(sold out)After that I was trying to find perfect denim dress similar to that one but wallet friendly. And I tried so many from cheap to expensive ones but when I saw this Miss Selfridge dress I knew that’s it. It’s the closest I could get to Pixie

Dress –Miss Selfridge ; Boots- H&M; Jacket- Zara(similar here) Belt- H&M

Friday Favourites

Favourite  Shop

Sass & Belle

Last weekend while I was walking around Covent Garden I discovered the cutest little vintage shop with all kinds of decorations and accessories  for every room in your house,office and garden, hobbies and crafting kits and fashion accessories. I’ve spend one hour in there just browsing and buying things. As you come in you will notice lots off owls ,mostly pillows ,which I really like! But the best selling things are hearts  and birds. It’s very girlie 🙂

You can visit them here 21-22 New Row, London,WC2N 4LE


browse through their website here

sass-and-belle-new-row-owls 3

Favourite Instagram

What happens when Instagram meats good old polaroid prints?


I’m obsessed with Instagram,and I admit ,my food,coffee and friend suffer because of that so I was so delighted when I came across Polargram. I’m sure there is loads of websites like this but I’m really happy with Polargram(maybe because they sent my sweetie with my order 🙂 )

You can order 12 for £6, 24 for £9 and 48 for £12. The website also offers Instagram prints on canvases and in frames, which would both make lovely gifts.

Version 2

Favourite Shoes


These shoes are just love at first sight! You can buy them here

hmprodfvc hmprodjkll

Favourite Buy

No,I didn’t go to Coachella but I’m in that kind of mood I guess. So I was buying things that I don’t really need at the moment. It was hard to find this top because it was sold out on H&M website soon after they reviled collection H&M loves Coachella


Favourite Hair product

Tresemmé Perfectly (Un)done

As you may have noticed I’m a big fan of Tresemme,all products are great,solving all my hair problems. Now when my hair is untangled finally I wanted to do something about my too straight hair! I know,lots of girls would kill to have straight hair without fighting with hair straightener but you now,you always want what you don’t have . Even though there is whole collection Perfectly undone at the moment I’m using just a foam and hairspray. So basically this collection is created to help you achieve effortless summer wavy hair. It’s for those women who already have wavy hair to help them  style it easier and for those who have straight hair like me