Gingham Trend Alert


We all remember Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and her blue dress. Well believe it or not that dress is big trend this season!After plaid domination here comes Gingham style!I have to admit I like this one more because it’s more ladylike,reminds me of a sunny day and tea partys in the gardens 🙂 maybe it’s hard for you to imagine how would something that looks like grandma kitchen cloth could possible look good on you,designer managed to redesign it to look great. According to Diana von Furstenberg, Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta this is  pattern of the season.


I will choose gingham shirt or dress but for those little more braver there are blazers,trousers or bags

g10 g6


Here are my high street favourites


Trousers- Asos   Skirt- Urban Outfitters Shirt-Asos  Dress-Fred Perry Asos 


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