TV Style Crush- Gossip Girl

Even though this show finished few years ago it’s still known as one of the stylish tv shows ever. For those who don’t know it’s basically high school drama about rich kids from Upper East Side . It Girl” Serena van der Woodsen, the “Queen Bee” Blair Waldorf, the “Bad Boy” Chuck Bass, the “Golden Boy” Nate Archibald and the “Lonely Boy” Dan Humphrey had kept me hooked for 6 years,mostly because incredible wardrobe of two main characters Blair and Serena . Totally different but totally I-want-all-of-it  closets. Even now,3 years after show is finished.

Serena’s style is my favourite.It is based on fashion icon Kate Moss so we were seeing lots of boho chic outfits. Her style actually reflects her personality- she’s a risk taker .

Main elements of her style are skinny jeans,well-fitting jackets,dresses,boho chic and 70’s inspired (maxi dresses,print) ,lots of sequins, beads and studs and great accessories . Her style was also little bit edgy -showing some skin in short sequin dress with leather jacket. But I think that her style was timeless. Everything we saw 4 or 5 years ago is still wearable or trendy





Her best friend Queen B, Blair Waldorf had completely different style,more classy and preppy. She always looked polished and ready to conquer the World like successful business woman. Key pieces in her closet were dresses and skirts,thighs ,bags,coats,hairbands  and hats. Main characteristic of her style  was bold pop of colour .



Blair and Serena were and stayed fashion icons but also everyone on that tv show had their own great style that will be missed


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