How To Wear Flares


Like it or not 70s are here as you can see all around you.Fringes ,suede and denim are part of it but if you want to nail this trend with only one piece you should get flares. I know I know,I didn’t expect they will return either ,especially because  I burned all of them long time ago…but it really depends how you going to style them. For sure they are not for all types of bodies,and when you style them point is to look sleek and modern and not like Britney Spears all-denim look. If you trying to find inspiration how to wear them look to Victoria Beckham,Jessica Alba or Kate Moss Victoria-Beckham-Loves-Flared-Jeans kate moss 2 240909 jessica-alba-flared-jeans jessica-alba-bell-bottom-jeans First thing first,don’t wear flares if they are not touching floor!NEVER EVER! That’s not stylish,that looks like your trousers shrunk. So when you buying them take the shoes you are planning to wear with them. Don’t wear boots or pointy shoes or any kind of flat shoes! Just NO!  Instead choose platforms .They are big hit this season and also very 70s as well. 98322388ed06735bbfb7cf1bc31aeaeb 916ce936af4fc81a80fa085655f5a0d3 daa7507b5d55d7ee7a1feff59b3c8251 Whatever you choose, skinny fit or wide leg flare for top always choose simple fitted t shirt,shirt,knit or jacket.Nothing too loose. For me the best ones are in dark blue,black or white colour

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And of course my favourite pairs from high street Flares Black Flared Jeans- H&M Mango White 70’s Flare Jeans – ASOS River Island 70’s Blue Flare Jean- ASOS The Low Bell Flared Jeans – Veryexclusive


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