TV Style Crush- Pretty Little Liar


I admit,Pretty Little Liars were always my guilty pleasure . The show is  high school drama type about four girls in small town Rosewood being terrorised by mysterious A. Show goes on now for 5 seasons and it’s renewed for 2 more( too much if you ask me) .

From the beginning the most interesting part of the show was fashion. Each character fashion style is so different from each others that you can get lots of inspiration from every episode.

Lets start with my favourite Aria Montgomery.

Aria has edgy,bohemian style which is very daring and it’s not for everyone. Basic elements of her style are jackets, boots, lots of layers ,dresses and skirts with unique and quirky touch .

She wears  materials like leather and lace with urban accents like zippers and studs.She shows her boho side with feathers and crochet and she likes to mix prints

Desktop9-1024x768 Recently-Updated17-1024x768

Hanna Marin changed her style a lot  since Season 1 when she was very girly. Now her style we can call it edgy glam. Basic things in her wardrobe are jackets( now mainly leather ones) , ruffles ,pastel and bold colours ,glam purses, killer heels,statement jewellery .


Emily Fields is an athletic girl who prefers simple and comfortable clothes.Her style we can call sporty chic.

She likes to wear comfy,off  tank tops, shorts,  jeans and sneakers,hoodies and leggings ,stripes,khaki and denim skirts and messengers bags.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t look stunning in glam dresses and stilettos .

She doesn’t wear much jewellery,just simple necklaces and hoop earrings.

emily-pll-style emily-pretty-little-liars-bohoglam-fashion

Spencer Hastings style is what we call preppy-always very proper. She wears classic but with a twist,still always looks polished and effortless .

Main elements of her style are blazers and jackets,oxford shoes,neutrals,menswear,tights.

Her style featuring lots of knee socks and button down shirts,cardigans and belts.

spencerhastings-1 Recently-Updated18


One thought on “TV Style Crush- Pretty Little Liar

  1. I love this show and my fav style stud is Hanna Marin😍 I would kill for her wardrobe


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