What’s in my Bag

I know lots of girls who just can’t find a bag big enough for all the things they want to put in it..  It’s a common girls problem that I never really understood. My bags are almost always half empty. During the colder days I’m using bigger bags so they might get overloaded with things but when it’s warm I always choose small bags. Use to my bag was full of things that I didn’t use but they were  always there at the bottom of my bag.But then I realised that I’m not one of those girls who are carrying needle and tread in their bag  “just in case”. I decided to empty my bag and start from beginning IMG_4949 Of course,some things like wallet , keys and phone are always with me but here are the other things you can find in my bag Hairbands  – I always need some during the day because my way too long hair can be annoying sometimes Lipstick – the one I decided  to wear that day but not whole collection of lipsticks no one would use 5 different lipsticks in one day. Currently one of Kate Moss Rimmel lipsticks are always in my bag Lip balm– since last winter I’m using only Maybelline Baby lips in 3 colours. Or just plain one. Hand cream– I don’t usually need this during the summer but during the winter I can’t live without it. I love this one from Neutrogena  Powder– I’m using Rimmel Lasting Finish with small mirror inside for touch ups Mini Charger– Until recently I had to plan my day according to places where I can charge my phone( Starbucks) .Battery just won’t last more than 4 hours. And then I discovered this little pink savior Perfume – I always try to have little bottle of perfume or something like that. At the moment I have Ted Baker body spray which smells very refreshing Earphones ,sunglasses, painkillers and gum– essentials without which i can’t survive.Especially  if I have to take lots of tubes-trains-buses and have a long day. Sometimes in my bag you can find a book or magazine 


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