TV Style Crush-New Girl


In case you haven’t seen it yet, the show follows Jessica Day , a 20-something teacher who finds herself living with three male roommates after answering an ad on Craigslist

Zooey Deschanel’s Jessica Day is the bubbliest and weirdest teacher we ever seen. Also she has the cutest style.It’s like Taylor Swift  meets Carrie Bradshaw. So not only that show is hilarious but Jess rocks some great outfits to reflect her positive  personality .

Jess’ wardrobe is all about flirty dresses and short skirts but the thing that makes her closet unique is her choice of colour. You’ll find lots of fun colours in her wardrobe like red, blue, green, aqua, yellow, mint and pastels .


Second most common thing in her closet are stripes and polka dots. We could see amazing striped and polka dot dresses , blouses and skirts

She doesn’t wear heels often but she showed us how ballet flats in bright colours  can look good on everything – dresses,skirts,trousers or shorts. Also she knows how to wear leggings and stockings with everything.


Another important thing in Jess’ s style is layering. She always lots of cardigans or cute coats again in bright colours. She likes to mix and match patterns

She doesn’t wear much accessories but she often wears belts and/or glasses.

If you look closely at Jess’s clothes you will notice that most of it is retro inspired



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