How To Wear White Jeans

As always ,along with summer, white jeans are back. This season more than ever,maybe because of winter whites thing. This trend works across all shapes from skinny to boyfriend, cropped and flared so you can stay true to the cut of jeans you’re most comfortable with.
I’m not a fan of dark heavy jeans during the summer so I always choose light ones and my favourite ones are pair of whites.

They are sleek, chic, and totally stylish and it’s very popular among street style stars ,bloggers and editors.

Here is a advice how to style white jeans so they look cool

1)Pair them with shirt

There is something effortless in styling white jeans with oversized shirt. I’m wearing it unbuttoned with roll up sleeves .

basic9main.original.585x0x shirt

2) Head-to-toe white

My favourite way of wearing white jeans. It’s simple but still classy and polished and looks perfect on newly tanned skin

f8d30f299fd75f98963d62c765877e49 img_3604 ae-white-bf-jeans1

main.original.585x0c main.original.585x0www

3) Add Stripes and prints

Another great way to wear white jeans. Add stripes for nautical  look or go for bold prints- florals ,plaids or gingham.

main.original.585x0tt hjghjhgjghj


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