Friday Favourites

Favourite Coffee

Like a big coffee drinker I’m trying to avoid places like Starbucks because that’s not really a coffee,not to me though.

I’m more into those independent small coffee shops so when I discovered new place called Black Penny in Covent Garden I was amazed with the first sip of that coffee. It’s creamy ,delicious and not bitter at all.

And I can day for sure it’s the best coffee I ever tried.

Black Penny is inspired by the coffee houses of 17th Century England and it’s located on Great Queen Street in Covent Garden so stop by if not for coffee then definitely for delicious breakfast or lunch which you can choose from lovely display on the counter



Favourite Outfit

This is probably the best off shoulder top that I’ve ever seen.And it’s not surprising Olivia is wearing it


Favourite Accessories

As if handbags  are not enough accessories by them self now they need to have their own accessories. But that’s fine,these cute furry pom poms you’ll like to have.

I had one already last season but now they are everywhere from Fendi to Topshop and Accessorize . Opt for bright colours to give a life to dark and boring colours of winter.


Favourite Make Up

In this case make up remover 🙂

So I purchased the Garnier Micellar Water just to see what is all the fuss about that Micellar Water .To be honest , I’ve always been more of a makeup wipe kind of girl when it comes to removing makeup.

For those who don’t know what is Micellar water her is the clue. Micellar water takes its name from micelles, tiny  balls of cleansing molecules that float in the water. And that molecule binds with oil and dirt ,therefore removing it from your face.

I have to say Garnier have impressed me. Normally when I’m cleaning my face rubbing is necessary but with this everything comes off straight away. I would recommend to everyone


Favourite Movie

If you are in fashion you probably seen Dior and I,if you are thinking to go into fashion first see Dior and I,if you are into art or drama see Dior and I! This all access documentary is focusing on new Creative Director of Dior Raf Simmons . He joined Dior in Spring 2012 and had only 8 weeks to put together his first couture show which usually takes 6 months.

The best thing about “Dior and I” are the  humor and tensions through the whole movie



Weekend in Oxford


I love to travel but because of my work I can’t do that as much as I want but that doesn’t stop me to have short weekend travels. London is great place for weekend travels.

Few weeks ago we decided to visit Oxford as I never been there before. Luckily my boyfriend was my tour guide. City of academic gowns,bikes and punts on the river is perfect for weekend gateway. It’s small enough so you can walk across it in a hour but still big enough to keep you busy. There are hundreds of years of academic history with museums and collages but there is also modern part of the city where you can explore great bars and restaurants.

So now here is my guide  on how to spend a weekend in Oxford


Oxford university has 38 different collages around the city. Probably the best known is Christ Church- it had a role of Hogwarts in Harry Potter and its famous students-Lewis Caroll,Albert Einstein and 13 Prime Ministers .Other good collages are Merton, Magdalen,Corpus Christi, Hertford, All Souls and Oriel.

You can get 90 min walking tour around colleges with former student( 11am-4pm, £9,95 adults)


Outside Christ Church College


The Bridge Of Sights at Hertford College

Castle Quarter

Not just you can have a tour of Oxford Castle Unlocked ,you can also stay in Oxford’s castle-turned-prison-turned-hotel, the Malmaison and spend the night in cells or student room,depends how much money you have 🙂

Either way pop into the Malmaison for a cocktail in the old prison’s visitors room then take the a short walk around the corner for French bistro-style food at Côte Brasserie.




Oxford has a huge range of different museums to choose from. The city’s biggest is the Ashmolean with a mix of art and archaeological exhibits.

For something  unusual, check out  Pitt Rivers Museum. This anthropological museum was founded 125 years ago with 20,000 items donated by archaeologist Augustus Pitt Rivers.


Pitt Rivers Museum


Punting is something you can’t miss if you are visiting Oxford.There are two rivers in the city, the Cherwell and the Thames (which is called the Isis when it’s in Oxford).

Underneath Magdalen Bridge by the Botanic Gardens is where you’ll find the most punts. You can hire one that fits up to five people  for £20 an hour , or get a boatman to do the work for you for £25 per 30 minutes.



Eating and Drinking

When you get hungry you can visit Covered Market with the range of different stalls from local farms and also cafes and sandwich bars . You can eat there or have a picnic by the river at Botanical Gardens. Also there is The Jam Factory – the birthplace of Frank Cooper’s famous marmalade and now home to local artwork.

Some of the best places to eat and drink in Oxford are riverside pub The Trout , historical pub Eagle and Child where writers like CS Lewis and JR Tolkien used to meet or vintage glasshouse   Gees and many more.


Little White Lace Dress


This dress I got from Abercrombie & Fitch year ago when I was still thinking that London actually has summer! Year later I’m wearing this dress second time and second time in Croatia. Why London,why?!

Anyway, this dress was love at first and even though it’s tiny and really summery and I will not have much chance to wear it,I’m happy that I have it in my closet because of this great Croatian summer nights



Dress: Abercrombie&Fitch ; Bag: Accessorize ; Bracelets: Handmade; Shoes: New Look

Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe


I have weird taste in everything.For example,I love chocolate but I don’t like chocolate ice-cream or pudding.Yeah I know,weirdo.

The same thing is with peanut butter.Even though peanut butter is not very popular in Croatia when I moved to London I decided to try it mainly because everyone were talking about it.

And… I didn’t like it.It was too dry,I felt like it’s choking me 🙂

But when I tried peanut butter cookies…just yummy.I had to find perfect recipe so I can make it on my own and here it is


Prepare Time: 5min       Cooking Time: 10min

  • ½ cup butter
  • ½ cup peanut butter (chunky or  smooth)
  • ½ cup caster sugar
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • 1 beaten egg
  • ½ tsp. vanilla extract
  • ½ tsp. salt
  • ½ tsp. bicarbonate of soda
  • 1 cup flour
  1. Set oven to 175° C (155° Fan) and lightly grease two cookie sheets.
  2. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and mix well.
  3. Drop the mixture by teaspoonfuls onto the greased cookie sheets.
  4. Lightly press the balls of cookie dough down with a floured fork in 2 directions.
  5. Bake for about 10 minutes, or until lightly browned (the cookies will firm up more when cooling, so don’t worry if they still seem squidgy).
  6. Place the biscuits on a wire rack and allow to cool.

Sunday Reading List


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3.Look inside Khloe Kardashian’s amazing fitness closet

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5. 15 Unforgettable Bucket List Trips You Can Do On A Budget

6. The Big Mad Men Sale ! Screened is auctioning over  1 000 items from popular TV show

7. Cindy Crawford is making a television show about “Eighties  modelling wars”

8.It’s official! Alexander Wang is leaving Balenciaga  

5 Beautiful Places to Visit in Croatia

I’m writing this from Croatia,it’s sunny every day,and hot,very hot…like 36 or more degrees 🙂 In UK that would be called heat wave with special reports in newspapers ,here is just summer.

I believe everyone heard about Croatia and beautiful coast and clear sea with more than 700 islands and even though I always wanted to live in London somehow I feel privileged because every summer I can go back to Croatia,to my hometown .

Croatia has so many beautiful places to visit,almost every island and town on the coast is worth visiting but I decided to choose just 5 that are absolute MUST!


Nicknamed Pearl of the Adriatic ,Dubrovnik with his historic old town is probably the most beautiful place to visit in the Mediterranean  .

The historic district, the Old Town, is stuffed with many historic features such as the old, defensive walls, cobblestone streets, magnificent palaces and stunning churches.

During the years Dubrovnik was favourite location of many celebrities but since famous tv show Game of Thrones decide to choose Dubrovnik for their Kings Landing  it gets even more popular.

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik




Located on Croatia’s northern Dalmatian Coast this 3 thousand years old city is ideal tourist gateway because there is plenty to see and do without too much crowd .

In the heart of city is historical district Old Town with some of of the city’s most popular sites like Roman Forum, the circular St. Donat’s Church, 12th century St. Anastasia Cathedral,  and the University of Zadar, which is one of the oldest in Europe.  Besides Old Town and of course many beautiful beaches there are two unique attractions -the Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation.

Sea organ allows  the sea to make music with waves and Sun salutation produces colourful light after whole day of apsorbing sun energy.

Where to Stay in Zadar

Aerial shot of Zadar old town, famous tourist attraction in Croatia.

croatia_dalmacija_zadar_0037Sun Salutation

Plitvice National Park

One of the most beautiful natural wonders in Croatia and all of Europe, the Plitvice National Park consists of several breathtaking lakes, waterfalls and  forest.

Significant feature is 16 interconnected lakes devoted into lower and upper groups with natural dams.

Besides lakes and waterfalls the park also offers diverse wildlife -many species of butterflies, birds and animals such a wolfs ,bears,wild cats…

Where to Stay in Plitvice Lakes



Croatian second largest city,nicknamed Mediterranean Flower, is knows by his beautiful historic centre with Gothic and Renaissance architecture with famous Diocletian’s Palace . The palace is built by Roman Emperor and it’s actually a maze of walkaways and buildings with shops and cafes surrounded by many other monuments  like St. Duje’s Cathedral, Jupiter’s Temple, Peristil Square and two original Egyptian sphinx monuments.

Where to Stay in Split




Beautiful Croatian island off the Dalmatian Coast, favored for its landscapes of spectacular beaches, lavender fields and vineyards.

Hvar Town is main city with 13th century walls,marble stone streets,Gothic palaces ,churches and old fortress.

Where to Stay in Hvar


Cityscape of Hvar in Croatia

Homemade Coconut Ice-cream


Coconut- sweet,milky, tropical flavour that melts in your mouth. Chilled coconut milk is perfect for cooling down under the palm trees . Even better is it’s in the form of ice-cream  so I discovered this easy recipe how to make your own healthy coconut ice cream.

Why coconut? Because it’s tasty and healthy -coconut milk contains a large amount of auric acid  which has antiviral and antibacterial effect.


This is what you need to make coconut ice cream with pistachio crumbs and blueberries :

1 (400 ml/14 oz) can of full fat coconut milk, chilled
2 tbsp maple syrup
pinch of salt
1 vanilla bean or 1 tsp vanilla extract
To serve
Pistachio crumb
Fresh blueberries

Stir together the coconut milk, syrup and salt in a large jug.. Add  vanilla extract to the coconut milk mixture. Stir together until combined. Churn in an ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Transfer churned ice cream to a lidded container and freeze until serving.

Serve with the pistachio crumb and fresh blueberries.