London Fashion Week SS16

This year for the first time in my life I got amazing opportunity to go on London Fashion Week and I actually could choose between 2 designers Gareth Pugh and Jasper Conran. I chose Conran because I’m onto wearable fashion,even though Pugh is much more interesting and unusual.

Show was great,inspired by nature. Conran probably used all shades of green he could find with just a little bit of white here and there .

IMG_1245 IMG_1246 IMG_1271

And here are my favourites from London Fashion Week SS16


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Topshop Unique

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Temperely London

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NYFW Favourites

Even though New York Fashion week is finished and everyone are now at London  Fashion Week I’m starting from beginning because I was busy for the last couple of weeks

There was so many amazing designers ,lots of debuts and it was hard for me to chose my favourites but here we go

Lauren Conrad

This was Conrad’s debut and it was everything I was hoping to be feminine ,romantic with loads of lace ,sequins and tulles

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Diana von Furstenberg

Diana’s show is well know for line up of the most famous models so we could see Gigi,Kendall,Karlie,Jordan wearing feminine,flirty dresses,skirts and rompers .

Pink and fuchsia dominated at the beginning of the show mostly in floral  patterns and everything looked so so busy and young-not what you usually expect from DVF.

Later on show went completely different direction and models were wearing white flowy dresses  and gold suits

_A2X0865 _A2X0632 _A2X0497 _A2X0467 _A2X0425 _A2X0364 _A2X0386 _A2X0336 _A2X0298 _A2X0279 _A2X0247 _A2X0230

Jenny Peckham

Packham was inspired by rock ’n’ roll legends,those who weren’t afraid to show feminine side of them like Mick Jagger and David Bowie…At the beginning of the show looks were more androgynous but later Peckham went back to more lady like dresses,something that her  most famous costumer Kate Middleton would wear

Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2016 Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2016 Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2016 Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2016Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2016 Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2016 Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2016 Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2016 Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2016

Carolina Herrera

Carolina’s collection for s16 was based on pink,pleats and discreet transparency

_HER0414 _HER0405 _HER0338 _HER0328 _HER0318 _HER0286 _HER0145 _HER0012 _HER0258 _HER0059 _HER0053 _HER0042

Monique Lhuillier

_AN_2005 _AN_2460 _AN_2259 _AN_1973 _AN_1755 _AN_1733 _AN_1710 _AN_1620 _AN_1548


_MAR0687 _MAR0751 _MAR0637 _MAR0609 _MAR0549 _MAR0509 _MAR0461 _MAR0367 _MAR0257 _MAR0130 _MAR0112 _MAR0041

Badgley Mischka

_AN_1189 _AN_1186 _AN_1185 _AN_1184 _AN_1176 _AN_1174 _AN_1171 _AN_1169 _AN_1165 _AN_1160 _AN_1159 _AN_1157

Oscar de la Renta

For his second season at Oscar de la Renta, Peter Copping found inspiration in Spain. There were black basque corset-tops,  espadrilles, blood reds and a carnation print

_OSC1283 _OSC1233 _OSC1107 _OSC1003 _OSC0681 _OSC0763 _OSC0729 _OSC0441 _OSC0077 _OSC0065 _OSC0053_OSC0841

Reem Accra

_ARC1076 _ARC0946 _ARC0925 _ARC0901 _ARC0877 _ARC0636 _ARC0485 _ARC0223 _ARC0122R

Ralph Lauren

He took a straightforward approach with navy and white in flowy skirts, bodysuits, jackets with unexpectedly bold graphics in the middle go the show.

_RAL0355 _RAL0529 _RAL0593 _RAL0549 _RAL0435 _RAL0387 _RAL0253 _RAL0231 _RAL0175 _RAL0109 _RAL0053 _RAL0029

Tommy Hilfiger 

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Lauren Conrad Romantic Debut on New York Fashion Week

Lauren Conrad,ex reality star,fashion designer  and brand machine just climbed one more step up by showing her new collection for Kohl’s at New York Fashion Week and it was stunning.

Lauren’s collections are always feminine(first two collection for Kohl’s were inspired by Minnie Mouse and Cinderella) so no one expected anything else than tulle,lace and sparkle.

Pastel coloured dresses with floral embellishments, fringe tops ,and  a full tulle skirt paired with a crop top…everything looked so dreamy and romantic.

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Fashion World’s Favourite Cookies


When Vogue is writing about you and names like Burberry ,Maybelline and L’Oreal are ordering your product you know that you are on the right path and doing really good job.

Eat Me Maybe is luxury dessert brand based in UK founded by ex fashion PR Jade Jackman and her best friend Andrea Gamble.

For them making cookies and cakes is primary way to relax but it seems like it’s going to turn into full time business due to the fact they had big break into cake market with three floors cake for L’Oreal’s Color Riche birthday party.

fashion-makes-it-way-onto-cakes-002_840_472 fashion-makes-it-way-onto-cakes-01_840_472

From that moment, orders pile up one after another.

Given the fact that I’m big cake/cookie fan and only mention of those can bring smile on my face but also fashion lover,I couldn’t resist to creative achievements of Eat Me Maybe. Burberry raincoats,Michael Kors bags and Louboutine shoes are some of the sweet creations the two friends made.

They are proof that success is  inevitable when you like what you are doing.

fashion-makes-it-way-onto-cakes-07_840_472 fashion-makes-it-way-onto-cakes-06_840_472


Navy Days


Throw back to beginning of my summer holidays. I’m wearing a t shirt made by Lola Tees, brand from Ljubuski,Bosnia and Herzegovina .Behind the name are two girls Jelena Dzolic and Helena Bilic who managed to become popular thanks to Instagram and Facebook. They are creating statement t shirts with popular hashtag # and funny phrases which are hard translatable to English unfortunately

Shorts: H&M; Bag: Accessorize T shirt : Lola Tees