London Fashion Week SS16

This year for the first time in my life I got amazing opportunity to go on London Fashion Week and I actually could choose between 2 designers Gareth Pugh and Jasper Conran. I chose Conran because I’m onto wearable fashion,even though Pugh is much more interesting and unusual.

Show was great,inspired by nature. Conran probably used all shades of green he could find with just a little bit of white here and there .

IMG_1245 IMG_1246 IMG_1271

And here are my favourites from London Fashion Week SS16


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Topshop Unique

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Temperely London

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Fashion World’s Favourite Cookies


When Vogue is writing about you and names like Burberry ,Maybelline and L’Oreal are ordering your product you know that you are on the right path and doing really good job.

Eat Me Maybe is luxury dessert brand based in UK founded by ex fashion PR Jade Jackman and her best friend Andrea Gamble.

For them making cookies and cakes is primary way to relax but it seems like it’s going to turn into full time business due to the fact they had big break into cake market with three floors cake for L’Oreal’s Color Riche birthday party.

fashion-makes-it-way-onto-cakes-002_840_472 fashion-makes-it-way-onto-cakes-01_840_472

From that moment, orders pile up one after another.

Given the fact that I’m big cake/cookie fan and only mention of those can bring smile on my face but also fashion lover,I couldn’t resist to creative achievements of Eat Me Maybe. Burberry raincoats,Michael Kors bags and Louboutine shoes are some of the sweet creations the two friends made.

They are proof that success is  inevitable when you like what you are doing.

fashion-makes-it-way-onto-cakes-07_840_472 fashion-makes-it-way-onto-cakes-06_840_472


Navy Days


Throw back to beginning of my summer holidays. I’m wearing a t shirt made by Lola Tees, brand from Ljubuski,Bosnia and Herzegovina .Behind the name are two girls Jelena Dzolic and Helena Bilic who managed to become popular thanks to Instagram and Facebook. They are creating statement t shirts with popular hashtag # and funny phrases which are hard translatable to English unfortunately

Shorts: H&M; Bag: Accessorize T shirt : Lola Tees