London Fashion Week SS16

This year for the first time in my life I got amazing opportunity to go on London Fashion Week and I actually could choose between 2 designers Gareth Pugh and Jasper Conran. I chose Conran because I’m onto wearable fashion,even though Pugh is much more interesting and unusual.

Show was great,inspired by nature. Conran probably used all shades of green he could find with just a little bit of white here and there .

IMG_1245 IMG_1246 IMG_1271

And here are my favourites from London Fashion Week SS16


_ARC0862_426x639_1 _ARC0682_426x639_1 _ARC0570_426x639_1 _ARC0442_426x639_1 _ARC0396_426x639_1 _ARC0376_426x639_1 _ARC0236_426x639_1 _ARC0202_426x639_1 _ARC0052_426x639_1

Topshop Unique

_TOP0381_426x639_1 _TOP0345_426x639_1 _TOP0273_426x639_1 _TOP0235_426x639_1 _TOP0223_426x639_1 _TOP0213_426x639_1 _TOP0197_426x639_1 _TOP0071_426x639_1 _TOP0029_426x639_1

Temperely London

_UMB0677_426x639 _UMB0672_426x639 _UMB0661_426x639 _UMB0660_426x639 _UMB0658_426x639 _UMB0657_426x639 _UMB0655_426x639 _UMB0654_426x639 _UMB0637_426x639


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