Kate Spade’s Dream Home


If you ask women how does their perfect home looks like, I’m sure that most of the descriptions would include at least one pink detail, chic patterns, pastel shades, large dose of elegance and some fresh flowers.

With her new furniture collection, designer Kate Spade once again confirmed that she can read women’s mind.



Collection for Spring 2016 consists of 60 pieces of furniture, including decorative items, lamps and carpets, a characteristic blend of traditional and modern of which designer doesn’t give up.

An eclectic blend of colors and patterns are never exaggerated and everything is always stylish.

In her lookbook accompanied by numerous tips on interior design, Kate shared ideas how you could easily turn this into reality in your own living space.

The thing I like the most is the mix of different types of chairs in the living room like a chair made of pink satin paired with the leather armchair or the irresistible combination of colour and patterns – pink and black-white dots.

Furthermore, furniture of different sizes and shapes will make the  room more dynamic and relaxed.

If you are planning to redecorate you home any time soon, find inspiration here or on official Kate Spade website

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