Friday Favourites

Favourite Sky Restaurant


This place is so exclusive that you need to book in advance for almost 2 months and the reason is the view, of course 🙂 Duck & Waffle is on the 40th floor of Heron Tower and from there you can see almost whole London, up to the Wembley and you are just next to the Gherkin which looks so great with all the lights on! Anyway, the view is great so I was going there because of that, I didn’t expect much when it comes to food, mainly because there was 5 thing on the menu and I only eat chicken.

And we order the whole chicken! Yep, on the Sunday evening, 10pm,whole chicken and two of us! Not very healthy but it was so delicious! Probably the best chicken I ever had.

If you didn’t try Duck & Waffle you really have to. If you book now maybe you will there in January but it is worth of waiting.



Favourite Trend

Blanket Scarf

There are so many things I love about the autumn:  leaves, hot cocoa, plaid, layers, boots, and of course, blanket scarves.  Not only are they the perfect accessory, but they are also a great way to keep nice and cozy this time of year.

This year scarfs are even better because they are actually  blankets and everyone who knows me knows that I’m a blanket addict if that thing even exist.

I purchased my one on Amazon, but they are everywhere so I’m thinking to get few more. You can’t have too many if you live in London

zara blanket scarf

Favourite Buy

I bought this dress month ago and as you can see I did some alternations 🙂 it’s shorter than original H&M dress but I just like it this way. It’s my favourite thing this autumn


Favourite Beauty

Until now I never had concealer and then I picked up this Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer and I have to say that I’m amazed. I don’t use anything else for my face except this. It has amazing coverage, a lovely sponge applicator, it feels soft and hydrating.I just don’t know how I lived without one before.

Maybelline The Eraser Eye Perfect and Cover Concealer Review Swatch Swatches (3)

Favourite Book

My favourite thing during the Autumn/Winter season is reading under my, earlier mentioned, blanket. I’m reading all the time but once in a while I find a book that is so amazing I have to share my review with everyone.

This time, the book is The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson. It’s a psychological thriller about the man named Ted who meets mysterious woman Lilly on the flight from London to Boston.  Sharing one too many martinis, the strangers begin to play a game of truth, revealing intimate details about themselves. Ted talks about his marriage and his wife Miranda, who he’s sure is cheating on him. But their game turns dark when Ted jokes that he could kill Miranda for what she’s done. Lily, without missing a beat, says calmly, “I’d like to help.”

This was a page turner, with so many twists and turns that I stopped counting. Book worth reading.



Welcome To The Space Age

From Paris straight into the future, Louis Vuitton set up one of the most spectacular collections for Spring/Summer 2016


Louis Vuitton started life as a famous luxury luggage brand and has always been synonymous with travel and leisure, therefore it was no surprise that Nicolas Ghesquiere has taken us on a journey with every collection he has created since his appointment as artistic director in 2013.

This time he has launched us into a vision of futuristic cyberpunk space by setting the show in a black box with screens all around and moving pieces shaped like bags to create a high tech reality around the audience. Starting the show with a voice from video game Minecraft, and a Japanese model with pink hair bearing a resemblance to a character from the Final Fantasy, it was clear that he found inspiration from the virtual world.

Ghesquière turned his models into fighters of the game by binding their hands in leather bands,and giving each one of them small square cases or luxe edition drawstring  bags with tassels, accessories that will become new trend piece this summer.

At the start dresses were rather long, and ornamented with embroidery but by the end and in the more sci-fi part of the show optical illusions were added to cocktail dresses in silver and metallic gleaming material which looked like a space age fabric from the future.

Cotton white bubble skirts, peasant dresses and romantic pirate inspired blouses with ruffles and balloon sleeves gave a dose of softness and feminism.

Flared skirts embellished with metal embroidery were featured alongside utility dip dyed jumpsuits and crop tops but the real stand out piece was the leather jacket. From bubblegum pink and multicoloured, car sprayed version through to military and biker, featuring stripes and the famous LV monogram which now has a new function after almost disappearing from the bags that were trademark of Louis Vuitton brand.

The collection was heavy accessorised with not only bags but also metal chokers to add more roughness, belts and shoes which fully embraced 90’s trends arrayed from punk black strap chunky platforms and cowboy boots to more elegant statement python patterned heels also featured.

Untitledbgh.jpgLouis Vuitton SS16 Ready-to-Wear

Like the voice at the beginning of the show said: “The only limit is your imagination…” certainly you could find so many different references throughout the  show.  The Louis Vuitton headquarters looked like a clash of Mad Max and Final Fantasy, or punk and pirate romanticism which proves that this master of design is at the peak of his creative power and sending the brand into a new dimension.