In Wonderland


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After discovering Syon House and Garden earlier this year I just keep coming back. Not many know about this place, probably because it’s a secluded, all the way in the zone 5, London Borough of Hounslow, and it’s used mainly as a wedding venue.


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I’ve never been a model but I love the process of taking the pictures and rushing home to edit them. That’s why it wasn’t a problem for me to wake up early on Sunday morning and go to this magical place with my friend before other people start coming. We were lucky because it was a beautiful sunny and warm September day.


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Walking around and enjoying only birds and squirrels, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the people who use to lived there, and some still do ( house is owned by Duke of Northumberland).I was feeling like I’m in a fairytale, most possibly because of tulle with gold embroidery I finally found!

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Skirt: Zara| Top: Stradivarius(similar)| Shoes: ASOS|

Photographs: Jasmina Haskovic 


Denim Spring/Summer Guide


1. Dungarees 

I can’t resist a good pair of jeans and almost every outfit features at least one item of clothing made from denim. Lately, I have been wearing lots of dark blue and black denim but with spring finally here I’m pulling out good old white jeans, light blue and distressed.

My ultimate destination for the pair of jeans is Zara because they have just the right fit for me. Other denim garments I’m buying mostly from ASOS and Topshop.

Denim is probably only fabric that is trendy every season even though shapes are changing. Important thing is to find shape that flatters your body and fits in with your current style.


Have a look at denim trends you need to shop this season

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2.Flares                                                             3. Cropped Jeans

Boden-Denim-Skirt  47ccc2b731b006effa4c6894ebfd73cb

4. Pencil Skirt                                               5. Embroidery

Levis-Jeans-Spring-2016-Denim-1  a9597112449500e22bca782dffb8ca46

6. Classic Levi’s                                           7. Midi Dress

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8. Pinafore                                                         9. White Jeans

Death of a fashion designer – Fashion will never be the same

If I asked you to name five of the most influential fashion designers, who would you name? Perhaps you would say Ralph Lauren, or maybe you particularly like the work of Oscar de la Renta, whilst names like Elie Saab, Armani, and Calvin Klein are never far away from the minds of fashionista’s. There are several names that you could mention, but what if I told you that probably one of the most powerful and influential fashion designers at the moment is actually an architecture graduate from MIT, you would probably say I was crazy wouldn’t you?…..

….but actually I’m not, and I’m going to tell you why:

3D printed dress
This dress is made from plastic but has the same characteristics as fabric

Jessica Rozenkrantz is a creative director at the company Nervous System, she’s not actually a fashion designer, she really possesses a degree in architecture and biology which she obtained from the American technology university MIT in 2005. The company, Nervous System is a design studio which “works at the intersection of science, art, and technology”. In short they use computers to come up with designs. But what’s really interesting is that she also helped to design a 3D printed dress which moves and sways like real fabric. Now you may be wondering:

Isn’t 3D printing for computer geeks, and what does it have to do with fashion:

If you didn’t already know, 3D printing allows a person to design something, and then get it printed out in three dimensions. This means that the design that they came up with looks like a real thing which they can touch and feel (and in this case wear), the real beauty of 3D printing means that you get everything almost immediately once it’s been printed. Back in December 2014 Wired magazine reported a project with other companies such as Google, in this project Jessica Rozenkrantz and her team created a dress made out of plastic, which moves like real fabric and was created almost instantaneously, she even created bespoke jewellery which was made perfect in every single detail which meant that it would never ever chafe the person who wore it.

Think about this for just a second:

It’s Saturday morning, you are going to a hot party in town tonight, and you don’t have a dress to wear. You would look on the regular fashion sites, like Asos, BooHoo, River Island, and you see a dress you like, perfect! You go to buy it, and opps your size is completely sold out. You still need a dress for tonight so you might hit the shops, you brave all the Saturday shoppers, and go to the store, only to find that the dress you wanted, doesn’t actually look all that great. It’s Saturday night, and you don’t have that dress, the horror!

Is there another way?

Well yes, let’s imagine an alternative world where it’s Saturday morning, and you have a hot party to go to, but no dress, but instead of shopping online, you create your own dress, designing it down to the finest detail, from the colour, to the details on the buttons, because it’s your design, you can even get the sizing for it perfect. Now imagine in this world, that you could have that same dress on a Saturday afternoon, ready for your hot party, no bad sizing, no missed deliveries, no colour and style problems. Instead, you would have the perfect dress, made by you, for you, in the way you want it. Sounds impossible doesn’t it?

But actually it’s closer than you think:

With the experiment from Jessica Rozenkrantz, it seems that this kind of fashion design is about to happen, as this technology develops, not only does the fashion industry change from a buying perspective, but also the world of fashion design changes. Instead of blogging about the styles from John Paul Gaultier, and Ralph Lauren, we would actually be talking about regular people who have realised their beautiful designs in reality thanks to technology, where the cover of Vogue is no longer talking about new collections, and instead the new collections are being created in the homes of everyday people every single week. The possibilities are endless.

It’s unlikely that the work being done around 3D printing and fabrics will be affordable and realised in the near future, but if the trend catches on, we won’t be just talking about five new designers, we’ll be talking about hundreds of them.  What do you all think?  Is it good to bring fashion design to the fingertips of regular people, or should it remain in the hands of the professionals?  Give us your views.

The fashion designer (could be) dead, long live the fashion designer!

Off The Shoulder Trend


It’s time to take out your strapless bra because this summer,according to designers,naked shoulders are big trend this summer.nothing  is sexier than a pair of  bare shoulders. Off shoulder dresses and tops  manage to show off an appropriate amount of skin and look ladylike and flattering on every woman.

Plus, they pair well with pretty much anything you have in your closet, from denim shorts and skinny jeans , to midi skirts.

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Here are some of my favourites


Black Off Shoulder Top- H&M

Little Mistress Off Shoulder Dress- ASOS

River Island Lace Off The Shoulder Top- ASOS

Off Shoulder Top –H&M

Band of Gypsies Crochet Off Shoulder Blouse- ASOS

Friday Favourites

Favourite Mexican Food


You probably visited more authentic Mexican restaurants somewhere ( this one serves British steak-Mexican way) but I like the colourful interior,relaxing atmosphere  and tasty food. This Mexican street food restaurant was created by Masterchef winner Thomasina Miers and there are several locations in London. They are serving small street food dishes -tacos, taquitos ,quesadillas,tostadas to share and bigger Platos Fuertes


Favourite escape

Airbnb is probably the best thing that could happened to young people who like to travel but besides usual urban apartments Airbnb offers unusual places to stay. So this is one of them – Owl house! I like owls and I like vintage and girly decor so I really like this place. It’s near Liverpool and it’s only £80. Perfect weekend gateway

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 18.48.13.png Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 15.47.28.png

Favourite outfit

One of my favourite bloggers Blair Eadie( Atlantic Pacific) always has great outfits,simple and feminine. Last week she was wearing Michael Kors dress, Steve Madden shoes and Gucci bag.


Favourite trend

Tulle skirts

One of those things that I couldn’t imagine wearing it ever! Tulle’s are for ballet,no? But on the other hand tulle skirts  are very feminine ,fairy tail skirts.

Let’s be honest,most of us would never wear tulle during the day,when we going out for a lunch or coffee but tulle is great for special occasions like weddings. And you don’t have to look like a bride because new tulle skirt can be paired with plain t shirts,jumper or even sneakers. And they are coming in different colours

Tulle19 Street-Style-April-2016164

Buy on ASOS

image1xxlxxx image1xxlcc

Favourite beauty

Bobbi Brown Art Stick

If you like bright,matte lipstick this is the lipstick for you. Actually,The ‘Art Sticks’ were designed like a combo  – lip liner and lipstick.This chunky pencil glides on effortlessly and delivers a creamy matte finish.It comes in some gorgeous colors (only one missing is a nude) It even comes with a jumbo sharper so you don’t have to hunt around to find one that would fit.

You can buy Art Sticks at Debenhams and Selfridges


How To Wear Flares


Like it or not 70s are here as you can see all around you.Fringes ,suede and denim are part of it but if you want to nail this trend with only one piece you should get flares. I know I know,I didn’t expect they will return either ,especially because  I burned all of them long time ago…but it really depends how you going to style them. For sure they are not for all types of bodies,and when you style them point is to look sleek and modern and not like Britney Spears all-denim look. If you trying to find inspiration how to wear them look to Victoria Beckham,Jessica Alba or Kate Moss Victoria-Beckham-Loves-Flared-Jeans kate moss 2 240909 jessica-alba-flared-jeans jessica-alba-bell-bottom-jeans First thing first,don’t wear flares if they are not touching floor!NEVER EVER! That’s not stylish,that looks like your trousers shrunk. So when you buying them take the shoes you are planning to wear with them. Don’t wear boots or pointy shoes or any kind of flat shoes! Just NO!  Instead choose platforms .They are big hit this season and also very 70s as well. 98322388ed06735bbfb7cf1bc31aeaeb 916ce936af4fc81a80fa085655f5a0d3 daa7507b5d55d7ee7a1feff59b3c8251 Whatever you choose, skinny fit or wide leg flare for top always choose simple fitted t shirt,shirt,knit or jacket.Nothing too loose. For me the best ones are in dark blue,black or white colour

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And of course my favourite pairs from high street Flares Black Flared Jeans- H&M Mango White 70’s Flare Jeans – ASOS River Island 70’s Blue Flare Jean- ASOS The Low Bell Flared Jeans – Veryexclusive