That 80s Show


Get your sequinned outfit, padded shoulders, put Duran Duran records on and wake your inner ‘80s party girl


They say history repeats itself but nowhere is this as noticeable as in fashion, music and movies. Every year we are witnesses to the revival of past decades and now is time for a crazy mix match of 1980s.

The 1980s more-is-more era, often remembered through entertainment but also nostalgia, has slowly been creeping back into our lives for years, from fashion to music to popular culture.

One of the most experimental times doesn’t seem to give up and now is back again but this time with an emphasis on young, glam and Friday night 80s – bold and glitzy with disco sequins, power dressing, animal print, big hair and even bigger shoulders!

The 80s was a time of good music and MTV, action and horror blockbusters, but also a time of over the top fashion where trends were set by music and TV stars. Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’ ruled the stage with her scrunchies, and underwear as outwear, Michael Jackson’s sequined and leather jackets were amongst the most copied items, Dallas’s daring jewellery and sparkling sequinned clothes were associated with wealth but also with a glamorous clubbing scene, and suits with padded shoulders from the soap opera Dynasty entered mainstream fashion. Joan Collins is certainly suffering from nostalgia as last month it was announced that Dynasty will be making a return. However with the number of 80’s reboots already in the pipeline, there is no need for the impatient wait.

13694419_825570194210682_623901969_nBy just turning on the TV you could get easily confused what year it is at the moment. Lethal Weapon and Magnum PI became new TV shows and 80’s classics like Ghostbusters and Mad Max returned to the cinema with a forthcoming Blade Runner bringing back all of the good things from the 80s.

“Perhaps it’s because showrunners and creators and executives — and audience members! — are at a place where their own personal history has merged with ‘nostalgia’ “ said Weisberg and Fields, showrunners for the ’80’s based TV show The Americans, in The Vulture.

There are also many other shows influenced by the ‘80s like Deutschland 83, The Goldberg’s and major Netflix hit Stranger Things. Stranger Things is an ode for everything that the 80s represent. From the soundtrack to the fashion this is the show that gets you into the eighties mood.

Music also appears to have been influenced, deaths of 80s icons David Bowie and Prince have increased the number of people listening to ‘80s music. According to the streaming service Spotify, the streaming of 1980s playlists have tripled in the last year.

American rock band Walk the Moon channeled an ‘80s disco vibe with their hit song ‘Shut up and Dance’ and this year has been a year of reunions with Guns ’n Roses and BROS, Kanye’s mini Flashdance remake for Fade and Bruno Mars releasing another ‘80s funk song that sounds like a young Prince.


The 80s are making come back to women’s fashion as well. Last March we saw hints from slightly bigger shoulders, Hedi Slimane’s last Saint Laurent collection was screaming ‘80s and the new creative director  Anthony Vaccarello continued the idea so the Paris catwalk this year looked more like Joan Collins wardrobe – from gold lamé, power shoulders, mini skirts to chunky earrings. Vaccarello wasn’t alone because eighties styles bubbled up throughout Spring Summer 17  Fashion Weeks:  Balenciaga with huge shoulders, Gucci’s Lady Diana inspired looks, Kenzo’s blush draping and big earrings, Louis Vuitton’s interpretation of Tess McGill from Working Girl and Topshop’s crimped hair.

Even Isabel Marant who is famous for her Parisian chic borrowed some elements of the era, like micro metallic dress.

“I think that there are very strong different points of view, like we had in the ’80s,” she said for New York Times. “I feel that something of this spirit is coming back.”

It’s hard to imagine that fashion from 80s could return again but the high street has been equally seduced by the 80s look, with Topshop conjuring perfect oversized blazer, River Island nailing sequinned jackets and ASOS doing the perfect metallic one-shoulder ruffle dress.

The only difference is that fashion is more relaxed now and not over the top like 30 years ago. It’s all about mixing styles by wearing only one piece of 80s clothing like a padded shoulder blazer with your old crop top, pointed heels with jeans or sequinned dresses with trainers.

Considering recent events in the World there is no surprise people want to go back to more safe times of cinemas and clubbing on Friday nights, flashy clothes and flea markets.

Whatever we thought about ‘80s, one thing is certain – those were the fun years for those who lived through it and for everyone else they are retro and cool. That is the reason ‘80s trends are coming back again and will continue over and over for many more years.




Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015

Paris fashion week is finished. Long expected because it’s the last one in the craziest fashion month but also because the most respected designers are showing their collection there.Here are my favourites


My first thought after this show was that I want to wear Chloe and run through fields of flowers 🙂

MARC0215_426x639_1 MARC0385_426x639_1 MARC0263_426x639_1 MARC0199_426x639_1 MARC0625_426x639_1 MARC0543_426x639_1 MARC0441_426x639_1 MARC0103_426x639_1 MARC0087_426x639_1

Isabel Marant

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Elie Saab

There is nothing bad I could ever say about this man.Pure perfection! Even though he exchanged fairy tail romance with something darker,mainly black pieces,his dresses are still magical and pretty

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John Galliano

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After this show everyone were talking about appearance of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson on the runaway.closing the brand’s FW15 show in the most surprising way. But before that,let say something about collection. 84-pieces collection started with  black and white checkerboard prints but lace dresses were the one that stole the show.

Stand out look was Zoolander one of course 🙂

b 00730h_426x639 00290h_426x639vv 00490h_426x639cc 00550h_426x639 00560h_426x639 00570h_426x639g 00620h_426x639 00220h_426x639 00160h_426x639mm 00120h_426x639v 00750h_426x639

050-valentino-387x58000840h_426x639 00830h_426x639

Louise Vuitton

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Miu Miu

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