Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015

Paris fashion week is finished. Long expected because it’s the last one in the craziest fashion month but also because the most respected designers are showing their collection there.Here are my favourites


My first thought after this show was that I want to wear Chloe and run through fields of flowers 🙂

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Isabel Marant

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Elie Saab

There is nothing bad I could ever say about this man.Pure perfection! Even though he exchanged fairy tail romance with something darker,mainly black pieces,his dresses are still magical and pretty

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John Galliano

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After this show everyone were talking about appearance of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson on the runaway.closing the brand’s FW15 show in the most surprising way. But before that,let say something about collection. 84-pieces collection started with  black and white checkerboard prints but lace dresses were the one that stole the show.

Stand out look was Zoolander one of course 🙂

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Louise Vuitton

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Miu Miu

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